5 Alternative Tips for White Sugar in Daily Life

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White Sugar is such s dangerous and slow poison to human daily life. As we are consuming it unknowingly .
Here is the little story want to share with you, which told by my grandfather.

we were going in Bicycle with my Grandpa to our farm area, where we  were  getting very bad smile while crossing the particular factory daily. I was looking inside that factory , if i can able to see any dirty water storgae or pond , But it was looking neat and nothing was visible.
Once day the smile was horrible where we could not cross that area only. so me and couple of my other friends went to grandfather asked ” Is their any one died inside?” as per our experience this much worst smell comes from  dead rat or any animal ( as we see rat or cat died in the road)

Then My grandfather told this and we are much surprised to hear this !..This smile is coming from white sugar making process. and also he explained, if any product while making gives the very hard or bad smell that is bad for the human body. if we eat that product, we also smell same.

One day he took us to the place where they make natural Jaggery where I was getting nice smell, and that experinece was something registered inside myself deep. Even though my Grandfather is not alive now, what he tells is true in many sector.

Its a Time for us to Move to Sugar Alternative:

1. Dates :

when you make juice like avocado, carrot, mango you can use socked dates with it. where the taste will be very nice and kids will love it. Same time many kids avoid dates eating, so you give dates this way. To make much more attractive you can use coco powder as we can give to kids as a chocolate drink.

2. Use Jaggery (Color should be dark brown ):

Use Jaggery for making Tea, Coffee  , it will enhance the color and its healthier.

3. Palm Jaggery :

Its taste is slight different from sugarcane, Jaggery. Its made from the liquid which is collected from Palm tree, which is very healthy and it can be giving to kids to eat this with coconut shell where taste like chocolate (Heaven Taste, just try once)

4. Coconut Jaggery:

Coconut Jaggery made out from the liquid collect from Coconut Tree , which taste also slight different from Sugercane Jaggery. Its Unic Taste and very healthy

5. Honey
Honey is one of the best Suger alternative. But finding he Original honey is something very hard now a days. Many tips and tricks are available to find the purity. But commercial market also improving their effort to fool the consumer. Always buy things direct from manufacturer.

If you are living in UAE, finding pure and natural days is easy. So use more of dates related juice and sweets.I you are living in sugarcane production area or you can able to reach any small scale producer of sugar cane jaggery and you can request them to supply pure jaggery by offering the Premium price.

let me know if their any other alternative to white sugar option is available? Command your option and feedback.

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