Is It Commercial Soap Cleaning Our Body?

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Daily Life we do many things subconsciously without thinking much, as like same using soap while bathing and washing becomes a parts of our life. we even started feeling like not fresh if we skip soap at the time of bathing.
But How many People care about that Quality and Purity of the soap? When we buy any daily use we see the ingredient then we buy. But when its come to soap choice, we see the brand, Price and smell. That’s why you are trapped here.we have been believing many brands almost 20 plus years, those are the Brands using very Harmful chemicals.


If you need to clean your body, you will use clean water or Dirty water? What happen if you use Dirty water? Your body will become further dirt right. Same way commercial soaps are used daily base. Its not actually cleaning our body, its creating dirt in the body. Worst case if we skip the soap, body at least clean it by itself naturally . Plan running water having energy to clean and energies our body.

Many method are available in market to find quality of the soap. you can check and find by yourself. After finding the result, what is next? do we want to try another brand? as per experience and many more people almost 90% o the commercial soaps are made for profit without thinking long term Problem for the user.

you may think, why they are adding such Harsh chemical ? Its just because its cheap, if have to replace with alternative source, Its high in price. Why our Government is allowing such soaps in market? Because especially Cosmetic and pharmacology policy are not that strong in our country.

Do we need to invest more In Homemade Soaps?
How we can over comes this? How to make an Home made Soap ?Just by doing it our self or supporting Hand made soaps maker. Making soaps are not at all difficult. To make a simple soap we just need 3 Ingredients, Water +Oil + Cos-tic soda.

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