My First Lotus Birth Experience

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Lotus Birth? As soon as your heard this world, you might ask what is mean by it? Lotus Birth mean Placenta is left attached to baby body without cutting and its false by itself with spam of 5 to 10 days.
I’m sharing my complete Journey here, believing it will help someone for their Lotus Birth.

Almost 4 years back I have come across the Term “Maruti Prasavam” which is also called “Lotus Birth” by Healer Basker. Once again, I heard this term from women sharing her birth experience, which was very much inspirational while hearing. So inner self of mine decide from that time about Lotus birth.
She was my inspirational. Therefore, I want to give my experience to many women for their beautiful delivery experience

When I become pregnant for my second kid, Inner side my thought was where we can find Lotus Birth Support people as I am living in Dubai with my family. We are from India. I heard couple of London based Hospitals are doing Lotus birth, not a regular Hospital where we can afford. Also mentally, I want to give a birth in my home country where my family should present. So we decide about searching in India. When I search in Tamil Nadu, I did not find any midwife care as from Tamil Nadu. Then I reached to Healer Basker who is promoting more of natural birth and advice people to believe their own body.

Then I got person contact Number people who is helping women for the Lotus birth contact details (As I did not share their no respecting their privacy, if you like to contact, please drop me an email).
Lotus Birth Places are available as per my knowing is Kerala, Bangalore and Hyderabad. As I choose Bangalore considering the Distance and I have been there for 3 years for my Post graduate and job.

Then second consult we had after a month with my Husband. Same time Lotus birth is new term to my whole family including my husband. Therefore, they are bit scared and uncomfortable. Then I started sharing benefit of the Birth and how it will help baby in long term. Still they are not 100% accepted as I m much strong about my decision they supported me. As I m s grateful to my family members!

After consultant, we had discussion regarding Insurance and other formalities. Then every month we will have online consultant and they asked me to take some report as I will get and share with them. Depend on the report they recommend some medicine. Still I do not like personally medicine intake, so I started adding food and fruit, which will help me to maintain my Hemoglobin.

Same time they are having online Class for husband and wife regarding pregnancy and delivery. They give very good information before pregnancy, deliver time and after pregnancy. As this helps my husband to improve his confident and this knowledge helped us lot at the time of delivery. As this class for weekly once 3 hours. We had around 4 class a month.

Same time few excise they recommend to do on daily base that are,

  • Steps Climbing
  • Yoga and breathing Excise
  • Walking
  • Always sitting in Position where the Knee is below the dummy
  • Eating Fruits instead of juice (To avoid constipation as we need more Fiber)

Gratitude and affirmation (Believeing your body and talking to your body in a positive way)

Some of the Exacise I did as part of my interest
-Eating when ever I feel hungry
-Cooking major dishes in Iron Vessel
-Intake more of millets ( Less rice)
-Weekly Once Fasting
-Incase if I feel constipation taking Innima(Not recpmmented after 33 weeks)
-Always things positive and being in good viberation

On May 8th I left from Dubai, Its almost 33 week of my pregnancy. I visited Mid care Bangalore on 36th Week of pregnancy. As soon as I reached India, they recommend me to take some test report too check HP and Ferritin level. After reaching Birth Home they recommend me take Iron trip as my Hemoglobin is 9 plus. It should be 11plus. After that B12 medicine also advised and they give iron drop given to increase ferritin level.

On June 3 , 2022   was feeling Contraction every one hours Once. Where Contraction Pain will be there for 1 Mint in each One hour Cap and this reduced to 30 mints (Every 30 mints I get one mint contraction), so we prepared to move to Midwife care Place.
As time started reducing to 30 mints, so we prepared to go to Midwife care.

Contractions (delivery pain) started at June 3,2022 mid night (11:30PM) as the contraction every Half an hour. As the Contraction, pain come by regular break. As its my second pregnancy, as I can feel that its deliver pain and my body starts preparing.
As this pain was coming weekly once, then 3 days once then 2 days once. One day once like this gap between the pains keeps on reducing. When I can feel contraction once in 30 mints we left from home to Birth Home. Do not get panic when you feel as it’s perfectly normal.

As per mid wife care person advice, my family members are left. Only my husband and I was present. After reaching their, they made a good set up for me to have good and comfortable sleep. As she confirmed from her side, as this is 100% deliver pain. As I was excited with little bit fear inside. Also I’m with my husband as he is my strength always .For him this is the first time to experience handling the situation alone still he never showed his tension or fear in front of me. Actually that is one of the best time I had with him, as per midwife advice we walked almost one hour near the Birth Home.
If you are husband and reading my story, don’t miss the day of delivery of your baby no matter what.

Also for the breakfast, Midwife advised to have a food which you like. But I preferred light food. Also they advised to drink Tender coconut which support for body energy. My husband helped me in massaging my body for relax as I was getting pain for 5 mints long. Also they used Essential oil fragrance to create calm and positive vibes around me.
All the people who ever see me that day, they showered with positive word and smile and hug from birth home. Its such lovely feeling to have around.

Nearly around 4 clk, where I was becoming tired. So my husband and midwife done Hot birth water and Hot bag  massage on the back Hip area. When I was near to deliver time, my body clean itself, where I  went to toilet frequently and motion will be very loose. Which is also indication the time is near.

Then I have done excise on the ball as per advice by midwife. Whenever the pain comes I just accept and talk to my body as “ its good I m going to see my baby and you are doing good Job” and some slogan which ever you feel will give you confident.

Midwife are making me calm and relax same time. There is stage where mid wife told , you feel like pushing ( Like how to feel when you are going to toilet with induction of body) when that feel comes, don’t try to push on one breath, Just do push on small breath where your getting enough breath and energy on the same time. As its worked, First two push I was trying one breath, where I felt more tired. After midwife advice , I was able to push him out.
When my husband told he can see Head of Baby, I was so happy and excited as I want to see him. Last push with more breath, he is on my husband hand.

As soon as he comes out they just wiped with clean white dowel and kept on my cheat. He started searching for milk. Where the Placenta is still attached with baby and me. Actually he didn’t cry just he started opening and creating sound in his mouth like “sound of tongue while you taste the new dish  after ”. After 10 to 15 mints mid wife asked to give little push where the complete Placenta came out

They cleaned the umbilical cord is left attached to the placenta and covered with salt in a base then turmeric, herbal powder (vetti vare powder in Tamil language) and tied with white cloth. As this need to change when ever the cloth gets wet. We are changing by intial 2 days twise in a day, then once in a day after drying completely.
Need to carry the baby with Placenta while feeding carefully ( For me I didn’t feel much complicate as the Umbilical cord is having good length).
For my baby it falls of by itself 5th day as my baby pulled himself.


As soon as comes out they showed us where the baby was in that and tree structure of it. Which is amazing to see miracle create of my body.
Then they already instructed us to bring all the item which need for Lotus birth.
rock Salt, clean white cloth, Under pad, Organic Turmeric and herbal powder which gives good aromatic (Vetti var powder) they recommend. Also after birth Midwife checked the birth place and finalized as no need stretch as it can recover by itself. When the tearing occurs by body mean it will batch my itself and recover time will be fast. No need manual stretch advised at the time on class

Then they checked the baby completely and we are happily sleeping the night and left from Birth Home next day around 11AM with my elder kid as he was super much happy to see his little brother.
Every women must enjoy their pregnancy Journey as its part of our body just like normal other daily activity. So your body knows everything , just believe on it and move on.

I’m grateful to my family members for their love carrying especially my sister in law, Bother in law for taking complete responsibility of 9th month pregnant women when my husband was away from me. Much Grateful for this support.

Let me know which part of pregnancy delivery is unforgettable. How you face it. As your input might help someone who may face same scenario.

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