Hello, I’m a natural lover and proud mom of two amazing kids. In my free time, I enjoy making handcrafted soap, which has become my passion. I believe in using natural ingredients to create skin-friendly products that are gentle and nourishing. Being a mom and a soap maker, I understand the importance of taking care of our skin and the environment. I find joy in creating something with my own hands that can bring comfort and satisfaction to others.

Soaps parts of our life every day as you use it minimum 2 to 3 time. Also one of the important external organ in our body is Skin, which is undervalued expect face skin.
Our Skin healthiness can be judged by seeing your daily cleaning products.

If you use the products from market which are promoted in TV by showing attractive advertisement are the one carries the most dangerous thing which you can offer to your body esspecially skin.
when we are making food in home we make sure we use good natural and original things for our future wellness.
But when its comes to cosmetic we are becoming unaware and blindly following the advertisement.
Read the list ingredient what they are using, if you its not understanding the term use Google to confirm it.

I m also like you who followed all this and one days when I found those harsh chemical, then started making soap for my kids by myself.
Which leads to share same soaps with my neighbor and surrounding.
You can see the list of ingredient i m using to make the soap in each item below the description