Parenting Tips and Tricks really works?

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When you face any challenge situation in Parenting, you come to google and try to find tips to sort of the issue.
For example if your kid is not eating you will find the tricks to feed them via offering them some videos or TV show. Do you feel its right thing to do so? Not only in this case, many such scenario what we do its actually works in short time but long term , its affects the baby inner feeling.

You  are doing parenting by the way your mom or dad done and you trust that its good method. Nothing is wrong in believing it. But when you are shouting or blaming your child, did you find the feeling ” why did i react like my mom?” I don’t want to blame like that. do you know how its happen? because your mom even don’t know, how this happened to you, as its passed from her mom. So many parents are doing blaming , shaming and comparing with in their self.

Raise yourself before you rise your kid. If you treat your kid in the mind set of screaming, then you are passing this to your kid to scream. If you are feeling guild in your parenting, then you are passing guiltiness to your child.
If we feeling love inside then your are passing love to your child. If you are feeling Trust Inside, you are passing trust to your child. If you are believing your child, you are Passing believe to your child. So before your pore to your child, fill yourself with love.

Love can be created with in us when we connect with our inner voice which is super conscious mind. will explain more about connecting with inner voice in upcoming days.
let me know what is your challenge in parenting in below command, will address with coming block.

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