Best food to eat in the Morning? and Why?

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Best food to Eat in the Morning after long fasting is Juices and Fruits. Some cases you can even have cooked Vegetables. But Not Tea, coffee or any carbohydrate food item as its having content of stickyness where it will not help the gullet (food pipe ) to clean.

when you wake up in the morning, just check your Tongue where you can see white patch on your Tongue. As this indicates, your body eliminated many unwanted item and same type of layer quoted on your Food Pipe also. When you have Water, Fruits and vegetables, its helps the Pipe to clean as its helps cleanse and improves the Food digestion and you feel active.

Same way if you have food item like Milk, milk mixed coffee, tea ,Idle, Rice, chapatio and poori Etc, then the layer on the food path is becoming further sticky where after you eating some people feel some irritation in the chest path. As they feel some uncomfirtness.
You can try this of taking breakfast only fruits and vegtables for a week, you can see the difference in your health and activity.
best of luck for your steps towards healthy Journey Life style.
Let me know your experience after checking this as its helpful to many more.

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