Lotus Birth Experience!

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I heard about Lotus birth almost 3 years back by the women who shared her birth experience. As her whole family are not aware about this Lotus Birth. Still she believed and she done Lotus birth. So from that day , I was much attracted to the Lotus birth. As my First delivery happened in Normal Hospital via Normal delivery where they cut vagina at the time of baby coming out.
It was painful and takes time to recover.
When i discussed this with my husband , they are also much scared as they belied hospital delivery is safe. So I started searching the hospital who does Ltus birth. Then via trusted source i got to know Birth Places in Kerala, Bangalore and hydrabath.

I was getting Contraction every 3 mints for almost 30 to 40 seconds. Which is symtom of delivery pain. My mid wife Chetan advised to travel after the delivery pain, as its my second delievry i know the symtoms well. So we moved to hospital on July 3 rd mid nite around 11PM.


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