How to Make Home Made soap with Kids ? Beginner Level

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Commercial Soap which we believed them for many decades are the one using very harmful chemicals to make an soap. Thy are covering many ingredient list from label just below the umbrella of trade secret. Its very important for you to take care of your family then thinking about the brands. As any brand can change ingredient later stage , as we can not track every time. its always best to make by our self the things which are possible .


Here are the three major ingredient to make a soap in beginner stage, as their are many stage and higher level are their. just to start and push yourself from comfort zone and same time with limited resource.
1. Pure Coconut Oil (1 KG)
2. Water (380 Grams)
3. caustic soda (165 Grams)
4. Blender or Whisk
5. Bowel
6. Mold as per your choice or empty water bottle or use and though tea cups

Organicsumi Hand Made Soap Making

From above quantity , we can make around 15 to 16 Soaps where the each soap weight will be around 80 Grams.
Try to use weight machine to measure above quantity. If you dont have will share cup measurement also.

1. Pure Coconut Oil ( 6 and half Cups)
2. Water (3 Cups)
3. causticĀ  Soda (1 Cup)

Procedure to Make a Soap

Step 1 : Take Bowel, Mix the Water (380 Gras ) and Costic Soda (165 Grams ) Together. The caustic soda should dissolve completely , where you can feel little heat is omitting from the mixer. Stirring continuously where you should not find any caustic soda crystal inside.

Step 2: Then add little by little the Coconut oil and mix it where you can see the mixed tester is changing from one stage to next stage. after adding 1KG o coconut oil we should mix continuously where the liquid chnages to almost like idle Batter consistency.

If you are using whisk , you can ask your family member support.

then pour the mixer in the mold of your choice. I used a water bottle and use and through tea cups in first time. later in invested in mold.
share your soap making experience in command and will help each other to move towards sustainable life style

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