Will Chemicals create Wellness or Illness?!!

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Every one Now a days so much concern about cleanliness, so we started using Hand wash and sanitizer very frequently. Is this write way to maintain our cleanliness? Are we going in write direction!!??

I m remembering the story of ” Body Guard Chimpanzee” as their is story of the chimpanzee body guard and  King. Chimpanzee is sincere and dedicative to his responsibility of Gourd. One Day, When the King is sleeping so deeply, One mosquito is flying  around his head area, as the Chimpanzee try to catch him He could not, so suddenly he took the big Knife and attack the Mosquito, where the King also got Injured but at last not aware of what happened to Mosquito. As you know, Mosquito can not be kill by Knife.

Same way we are following now a days cleanliness routine. we are not aware of what we are eating inside our body but we are much concern about using Hand Sanitizer and washing Liquid. Some time even though we are well educated and we are following some facts just by blind.

When we use much more chemical around us, the good Bacteria which helpful or you to increase your immunity power also killed as days goes. One stage you will be completely sensitive to even small environmental changes around you.
Example if you see the Kid who plays in sand and street too often will not affected by any allergy. Same way the kid who is much care and avoid playing in sand will get too offen sick , Its because his Immunity is not strong. you any think then how to make Immunity strong.

In simple Language Immunity mean the fight power of the our white and red blood cells. lets imaging, the fighting can be done by the cells who knows the more formula to dominate the opposite party. Naturally our body carries few formula from mother body from birth. As that formula fight when some bad bacteria entries our body, it will kill and some time bad bacteria will have good power then our body cell, so it will affect, that time our body creates own formula to fight back. this way Our cells learn to create new formula . And also our cells are memorizing different formula , this way our immunity becomes stronger and stronger. One stage even the kid play in sand or heavy rain , he will not affect much. Because his body Knows the formula to fight back.

Now a days the games goes reverse, you are killing virus or not , we are not sure. but 100% sure good bacteria round us are killing by us.

Instead of going with chemical product, we can use alternative product like Neem leaf liquid and Turmeric which is cheap and environmental friendly. And also we can use home made Bio Enzyme to wash vessel , as it will be 100% natural and friendly to the plants and spices in the water.
Waste water from kitchen and other reach directly we can supplied to farm area.
if you are not living in Village or if you dont have plant area, then you are indirectly solving the environment. as this Bio enzyme , will not kill the water spices, so you ill not find much mosquito around your house , the mosquito egg can be eaten by Frog naturally.

Good Hero can be create by Bad Villain. “In Hollywood Movie Hero Character and role  becomes stronger and stronger when the Willem Becoming bad and bad”.
Even Hero carries 100 Body guard manually outside , still Villain can kill those as this all external. As Hero dont have internal power.

Good Immunity can be created by NATURAL Environment not Chemical Products. So surround yourself with Natural life style as much as possible. You also spread this knowledge to your family and surrounding for the happy Environmental. Did you agree my points? Do you you have anything like to add ? Feel free to command

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