Season Fruits – Dates Picking Experience !

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Its was Friday Morning as I like to spend most of days in greenery place, we went to the park which is near to our area. Its called Nakheel Park.
Its such nice Place to visit where you get much positive vibration. Always I feel motive if I travel in outside in Dubai. Because if you see the sand and weather we feel how this people made this country to green as like this where not even small seed can grow in the sand.
So someone dream of making this desert to the green made this country to grow like this. So we should never under estimate power of your dream always.
Especially you mite think, when we share with people it will reduce. Actually its not true. When you share it grows, This world is carrying the wealth that is abundant. Only we should dream and work towards it.
How the Desert country can grow on this short span of time this wealth.

Also it was our dates picking day, where we got very fresh and tasty dates. I have never taste like that fresh dates so far from any brand of dates in my experience. I don’t know the name of days as I m not that expert. As I want to share couple of picture I took especially to share with you.

Time was almost 11:30am and it was hot . Still I didn’t feel like leaving from that place because of the view and natural work they have done.

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