Best simple 2 water conservation ideas at home !

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Do you ever wonder seeing you’re Water Bill? How you can reduce the bill? Instead how we can utilize that bill properly if you think, its simple.

In my childhood, I never thought we would buy water for the daily usage. Then one stage my family buy water and use same water for washing, Bathing, cooking and drinking. Now we buy drinking separate water and cooking separate water some time.  Other usage like washing and bathing we use Ground water. Actually, dot know after decade what will happen!

Thinking all I was wondering How I can do small contribution to this earth in terms of saving water. I found couple of method to save water and soil quality, which is win, and win method for the nature and Human daily life.

I am living in an apartment where we do not have garden but still I was keeping on thinking How to use the Kitchen water for good way.
As I feel from my childhood water something precious, May be because I was carrying water from street pipe by waiting in the queue for long time.

Natural Soap Nut for foaming

In addition, if you are living in Own villa house where you can have own garden then these tips can help you lot. As you can check how you can make “Bio-Enzyme” which is Homemade Multipurpose liquid. In addition, you can use same liquid for Plant as a Homemade Enzyme for the Plants growth.
Also if you wish to have firm in the time of washing then you can use SOAP Nuts soaked in bio enzyme or water. As it will feel like using soap.

As I started using this Liquid in the Kitchen for the vessel cleaning. Where I used to keep a Plastic Bucket where I used to collect all the washing and cleaning water in the bucket and use that for my plants. In addition, the vegetable washing, rice washing also I used to store and give to my plants. This way wastewater, which is, goes to Municipality for the recycling reduced and I saving water and my plants are growing very well.


Before I used to forget some days to give water as the Balcony plants need a water more in summer days, as the water get drain too fast.

When I started following this method, I never forget them to water and I do daily without fail.

Then my balcony started looking too greenish and people started asking how you are maintaining Like that. As they asked then wrote this article on same day.

Also always talk to your plants, as it is like your family member and keep at least few Plants and Herb where you can use for your family wellness. As I’m keeping Mint, Aloe Vera, Chili Plants, Green Leaf, Water melon, Small Lemon Plan, Herb for the coldness t and Basil.

Trust me, when you see them you get so much freshness from them and you get motivated a lot.

Just do this daily you will see the difference in your daily life.

Happy Gardening from Organic Sumi!,..Share your gardening experience and water saving tips in the command!

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