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Before You come to part of Marketing, I know you would have spent more time for the product making, sourcing the material, Making a photo shoot by Models and Listed in eCommerce portal..etc
Every time you visit the order page and you wonder one Question of “How to Increase the Sale”. No Matter , if you are Business beginner or expert in the  field.

Generally, if most of us feels, Good in Marketing lead to good sale. If you are  like me who was craving for answer and read couple of Marketing Books and attended the conference and guided by them by use
– Blog about your Product
– Create Website
-Social Media Marketing
– Facebook ad
– Twitter feed
– Pin interest
– Instagram
-Google ad
– Classified Posting
-Optimize your Page to display in google search engine first Page(SEO)
– Paying Influencers to Promote your Product

Packing and Shipping Process

Top of this, you are also going to do Packing, shipping, and answering your customer’s queries.
I know you are already overwhelmed with all this process.

I want to give you the Marketing strategy with is apart from above list , which will give you answer for the question of “ how to increase the sale”.

Also Hand Made Product there is two types are there, the one who do with Hoppy and Entrepreneur.
Difference between the both is Vision. The person who is having Hobbies in Handmade Product,
Main concern is making and earning from that selling is their additional income, as they enjoy that.
In addition, they do post on random page, random ads and most they evolve with random. Ultimately you can see output, again that also random as we cannot predict future sale. As majority of the time, they evolve with random stuff.


what makes the Entrepreneur different from Hobby person is “ Vision”.

They do everything with reason towards their goal. If they post any ad, it will be related to their long and short-term goal.
If they write a blog, they think about long-term use of the content, instead of just writing content random stuff.
If they do a sale, they will get a long-term relationship and enhance the product as per user experience and feedback.


Are you one the Entrepreneur who is more based on Vision?
Then you are at right place. Thank you for giving your enormous attention so far.

before we enter into strategy session, I want you to understand one the major concepts, which will drive us the tremendous of energy with in yourself.
– Surface Marketing
-Deep Marketing

Above all surface marketing, which you can see around you.
Deep marketing connect your Fan in-depth.

Surface Marketing and Deep Marketing

Surface marketing interrupting the visitor some time even irritates, for example
-Watching TV, Ads are interrupted. Many People including you change the one to another channel as soon as ad comes-its Interrupt to Audience
-YouTube ad where we skip the ad as soon as skip button Pop UP, Its interrupt to the watcher.
-News Paper ad where no one even know if the people are seeing or not.
-Radio ad also same as soon as ad comes Listen change to another station, It’s also Interruption.

Above surface ads are creating interruption to create Attention, It is called FORCED ATTENTION.Forced Ads

It is like as if you don’t like to talk to particular person, but when they talk voluntarily, you can’t leave, have to listen, as you give very low quality attention. Its Force full attention.

By this type of activity, you cannot create trust and  communicate to your client, why do they need your product. It’s just communicate about “what is the Product” , Never communicate “Why”.
No matter which medium or what is your ad budget, No one like Forced Interruption. If it’s Online or Offline.
We can see such type of ads are there, where people will not remember anything, as the market with much loud voice and every brand craving for the attention. At last, stage no one listen the voice; People feel that as a noise. Such type of marketing will not work.

To make yourself out of this crowd, I will be introducing t one of the Powerful tool, which is introduced by one of the Leading Digital Mentor digital Deepak.
You are going to know the very Powerful Marketing called “Deep Marketing”.

 Will be adding my contribution to your business by offering “DEEP MARKETING” strategy with your business tricks and tips. Which will create the sales flow formula for your business.


Deep Marketing all about
– Connecting with customers deeper level
– Connecting with your Clients by High Quality Valuable Content
– Creating the Trust between you and your client
– Once the Trust is build, then it will drive them for the Transaction


Deep Marketing starts from Personal Brand. Where people should feel the connection via very good quality Content. Example if you take FACEBOOK, IPhone, and People remember the person who started the company. It is called personal branding. It creates the best connection to the client, as people like to communicate to the Human not to the Logo.

So personal branding something very much important as its base to the deep marketing.
So far, if you are reading this article until this stage you are giving your strong attention. Its called High quality attention.

The people who are all feel the time of worth can offer high Quality attention. You are reading this article and believing you will be getting some value from it.
so right Value can be offered to right person by deep marketing method.

How to do Deep Marketing?


Content is the Major Hero when it comes to deep marketing. Many of you feel, now a days no one has time and passion to read a content. Actually, people ready to read your content, when you give them value without expecting any returns.

-Good Quality content create the good quality attention. When you are reading something, you should feel like reading, you might feel like talking to your friend. Talking to friend about favorites topics we never feel bore of it right!.

-You should understand your client about what they need and you should offer them in High quality content without expecting any returns.
-For example, if any one ask you to join any whatsapp group, if you see any promotion ads 2 to 3 time, you will leave from that group. You believe they are not offering value to me, they are concern about what they get and they just try to do forced Attention, which creates irritation and interruption to the members.

-Offer value to your client genuinely without expecting any returns.
Generally People feels, if the person serves this best without charge, what if I Pay to him for the service. It will be very good. This what the question will pop up on client, when they go to trust Zone.

 – Example as you are doing Hand made products, you can teach them about simple Soap making technic. In addition, you can explain people about Soap making business process and up and down.
This transparency will create strong trust with client.

Marketing Strategy for to Home Made Products:

Strategy that not mean we will be playing with data and come up with the tactic to boost the sale.
Its actually creating funnel to your business will help you to find Fan of your product, Its your asset. Initially any asset creation time feel hard at the beginning but later stage it will give tremendous return.

Frame your Customer:
Handmade Business success depend on How efficient you are to find your customer.
 – Draft your detailed profile of your single customer
-Using the age and Geographic, educational, hoppy you can sort of your customer in bit narrow.
– Enter inside your customer head, where you can find further detail, as it will solve major challenge of the purpose.
-You can understand what type of product description should use, what kind of image and Target keywords we need to use
-Also you can sent email, group message, YouTube video by giving solution their challenge.
– as you can target them on the Pain point to get their attention

Gain the Trust:
– As you are giving them solution to their Pain point, where the link starts.
-As you are offering service to them without expecting returns, then its lead to trust.


-start with something where your trusted customer can afford in minimum price product to make a seed of one head further step towards the trust.
Like start with very low price product and offer them very good value. As this sale, you may not gain much profit, this is to just make your trusted customer comfortable with your zone and make them feel about your connection.

-Once the Low budget product reaches the certain age, then you can introduce to the medium level price package to the circle of people who bought your low prices product.
This way as they already know about your value, here conversation will be higher and you can get decent profit.

-Like this you can move up to higher premium package product.

The best part is above sale process mite not feel like sale to the buyer as this transaction all done in a deep marketing. Where the person believe this as his or her investment and will be your Exclusive fan of your product. You just create the value for your fan and they will do branding for you ! which will be your trust asset for your future business service too. Trust is the asset to any long run Company!
Ask me if you want to have funnel for your business or if you have any interesting information, share it command,
Best of luck and thank you for talking this far time to read .

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