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Bio Enzyme - Nttural Home Made Multi Purpose Cleaner
Bio Enzyme – Natural Home Made Multi Purpose Cleaner
Natural Soap Nut for foaming
Natural Soap Nut for foaming

ift to Natural Home Made Multipurpose cleaner?
Did you ever notice about using Chemicals in Kitchen and inner side of your feeling somewhere felt uncomfortable?
 you are not aware of the Impact you might not feel, But when you know about health impact, then you started feeling uncomfortable in using chemicals in kitchen.

I was got to know the about commercial washing liquid chemical properties and where it will lead our health in future If you keep on using it’s in every cycle of your cooking time. After washing it, do you small the plate, as you feel good fragrance right. But it’s safe to et this time of smell in Utensils? Did you ever thought about it?

Commercial Advertisement:

In Commercial Advertisement , you can see advertisement about keeping your hand nice and soft. As you no need to stain much to clean as the chemical will do better cleaning without your hard pressure on vessel. So you atch it and will decide to use. However, what will happen to Inner Organ if we use that vessel for cooking and eating? Indirectly we are adding chemical washing liquid of our dish. Here the myth is ,  think it’s a clean and healthy. Where this company are creating the illness to you via such product and providing you the Medicine for upcoming illness for our family.

Even though this generation everyone are, much concern about his or her healthy and everyone have basic life style of afford food minimum 2 times a days. Still Doctors and hospital counts are increase, as this sign never lead to healthy economy. Indirectly this commercial company will create their future business plan indirectly with Hospitals.

What will happen if our break Natural the Food cycle?

When you are kid, you may open the window and door until 10clk and sometime you slept roof with you sibling like me. Now you are covering your all inlet and outlet using Mosquito Net (Asia and African Countries). Even some Urgent cities its major issue, people start using many mosquito based air sprayer in home. As the Mosquito is dying immediately as it is very small size, as we are big in size compare to Mosquito, we will die later (its slow position).
Many Lakes and rivers are now days covered by this wastewater and we can see white foam on top layer.
As this harsh chemicals are harming the Frogs and kills, which eats, the Mosquito Eggs on the stagnant water. So here, the Imbalance starts which leads to over production of mosquitos.
If you see Food cycle, if the food chain is break in one stage, another spice are becoming more and it is not controllable. That is why nature keep this cycle food chain for the balance of all species naturally of imbalance.

Even few years back in villages people are using sand and Carbon to ash, the utensils washing water is served to their plants as it’s recycled by the plants. When the Chemical dishwasher enter there, their also plants start to die.

It is time for you to move into Chemical free Multipurpose Liquid.

You and I already done near to this nature. It is already late, let’s move forward to save our nature and sustainable life. Here you do not need to invest more for the Natural Based Multi-Purpose liquid. You just need to use your house Vegetable waste, jiggery and water to makes this.

Ingredient List:

– Air Tight Plastic Container around 2&half litter capacity
– Jaggry – 100 Kgs
– Water – 1000ml
-range Skin – 300grams.

Procedure to make:

Add One litter of water in a Container and add a Jagger , mix it using a ladle completely still the Jaggry completely dissolve in water.
Then add ths Orange skin and close. Orange skin can be dried or fresh also, do not add the skin stored in refrigerator.


Take Every day once or Twice open the lid and mix the mixed using wooden spoon. If you not do this, there is opportunity, where the Lid of container can break because of Gas pressure, which is create inside.
Keep it in Dark area (away from sun light).
After repeating this for 30days, then keep this Container in dark area for 2 month without disturb.

How Enzyme Creates:

The Enzymes starts the Break the Molecules into small and also Molecules while they are eating it creates the Gases, that’s why we should open the Lid once in day to release the gas to avoid the pressure.

How to use:

Take around 50 ml of this Liquid and mix it with bucket of water and you can use for Floor Cleaning.
Same radio goes for car wash also. You can change the radio as per your cleaning hardness.

Foam will come?:


Natural Soap Nut for foaming
Natural Soap Nut for foaming

Yes, You can see foam when you shake the bottle But it will not be like Commercial Liquid foam.  Still if you prefer more Foam, then you can add soap Nut (Natural foaming seeds) which you will get in market and you can add.

Where we can use:

– Kihen Vessel Washing
– Car Washing
– Pets whasing
-Hair wash
– Bathing ( as you can mix with bucket of water and you can use for bathing)
– Pet Wash
– Cloth Washing
– Toilet Cleaning
-Unblocking Stains
-Natural Fertilizer to Plants
-Pest Control

Benefit Of Bio Enzyme:

-Bio Enzyme is Not only Natural friendly and also keeping your loved one safe. It will not harm full even kids drinks also by mistake, as it is completely 100% natural.

-Budget Friendly
-Easy to make in Home
-Natural Friendly

how you can do Bio Enzyme for Business?

As this is New and it is easy, still many people are not aware. Therefore, you can make Large Quantity and supply to your neibour and friends.
You can collect Orange skin from Near Juice center.

Therefore, you can offer them Cleaning Liquid in affordable price. In addition, you can make a Bio Enzyme seminar. As many people like you want to move their life style towards natural without investing more.
Yes, this is not very big change, But it is one of the good step forward will lead to success of many household life style and health.

What do you feel about this? Share your feedback about your making experience; it will be helpful for many more people who come up forward for this life style.

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